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How to Become a Mason

Firstly, Welcome to this page.

If you have an interest in joining Freemasonry, or are simply curious, this is a good place to start.
Just for starters – Freemasonry is not a Secret Society and you don’t have to wait to be asked to join.

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest and largest non-religious, non-political, fraternal and charitable organisations. It is the Second Biggest Givers to Charity in the UK after the National Lottery.

So, whether its the formal part, or the social activities for friends and family, a warm reception is assured.

Our email address is

The Masonic Checklist

"Ok. What's the real attraction?" Well, Bounds Green Lodge can also offer:-

1. Four fun, if idiosyncratic, meetings and dinners a year amongst friends.
2. An opportunity to give money or time to charities that are well managed.
3. Enjoyment: Masonry wouldn't survive if it were serious all the time.
4. Mental gymnastics: Yes, there is a bit of learning involved!
5. Trust: Frankly, you have to demonstrate this just to join.
6. Historical Interest: Masonic history can be a fascinating life long study.
7. Time to consider and evaluate one's moral outlook and character.
8. A friendly forum where you can develop confidence in public speaking.
9. A chance to meet likeminded people from other backgrounds on equal terms.

Questions About Joining Freemasonry?

If you have any questions about Freemasonry in general, or the Bounds Green Lodge No. 4406 in particular, then please email us. Our email address is

We are always looking for new members. If you are interested in joining our Lodge, email us to obtain more information and to arrange an informal meeting.

You might also want to look for advice on any of the sites listed on our links page.

And finally, a few thoughts (based upon the words of Bro Dan Weatherington) explaining why people really join Freemasonry:-

By Brother Dan Weatherington, from the Masonic e-mail journal CINOSAM

Not one person ever joined Freemasonry because Churchill was a Mason.
Not one person ever joined Freemasonry because George Washington, Walt Disney or Peter Sellers were Masons.
Nobody ever joined Freemasonry because of our great Masonic heroes: Joining Freemasonry doesn't make you any of those people.

Not one person ever joined so that they could give money to charity: You don't have to be a Freemason to give money to worthy causes.

Not one person ever joined because of our attention to lodge rules, regulations or ritual. Outsiders don't know about all of our procedures.

They joined because someone they knew and admired was a Mason. It could have been a father, a friend, a man down the street, or someone a thousand miles away. Who it was didn't matter. They admired him and wanted to do the things he did and they did it by the millions.

If you want to help promote Freemasonry, try to be the kind of man that other people admire. Someone will notice.

Footnote: Freemasons never die, but you will have to join to find out why.

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