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Treasurers Software

The Bounds Green Lodge Treasurers' Software

The software is suitable for all Lodges and Chapters
This program consists of 43 spreadsheets, all linked together
It can cater for up to 100 members and up to 12 meetings a year
It carries out over 27,500 "behind the scenes" calculations / links
yet is very simple to use

The Metropolitan Grand Secretary, David Swain, took the decision to make this program available on the Metropolitan Grand Lodge web site (Porchway)
for a £10 donation to charity. All donations are accredited to Bounds Green Lodge

It is currently being used by 357 Lodges

236 in London, 10 in Bedfordshire, 1 in Berkshire, 1 in Blackpool, 1 in Bristol, 4 in Buckinghamshire, 1 in Bulgaria, 2 in Cheshire, 1 in Cumbria,
1 in Cyprus, 1 in Derbyshire, 4 in Devonshire, 4 in Dorset, 2 in Durham, 10 in Essex, 1 in Ghana, 2 in Gloucestershire, 6 in Hampshire,
11 in Hertfordshire, 1 in Hong Kong, 18 in Kent, 2 in Lancashire, 2 in Leicester, 1 in Lincolnshire, 1 in Middlesex, 1 in New Zealand,
1 in Norfolk, 3 in Northumberland, 1 in Nottingham, 1 in Oxfordshire, 1 in Portugal, 1 in Scotland, 1 in Singapore, 1 in South Africa,
1 in Suffolk, 6 in Surrey, 8 in Wales, 2 in Warwickshire, 2 in Worcestershire, 2 in Yorkshire and 1 Women's Lodge

It was featured in the Arena magazine in July 2016

Users include:     Black Sea Anchor Lodge in Bulgaria, The District Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Singapore,
Peace and Harmony Lodge in Cyprus, Three Pillars Lodge in Ghana, Provincial Grand Lodge in South Africa,
Wiffet St John Lodge in Scotland, Lancaster Lodge in Portugal, Auckland Chapter in New Zealand, and Swatow Lodge in Hong Kong
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