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Lodge Dates

Bounds Green Lodge No. 4406 meets four times a year at:
Freemasons Hall
Great Queen Street

The dates for London meetings
are always on regular dates every year

3rd Saturday in October (Installation of the Master and Officers)

2nd Saturday in December

2nd Saturday in February

4th Saturday in March
If the 4th Saturday in March falls on Easter Weekend
the meeting will be moved ahead by one week (subject to Dispensation)

Lodge Dates for 2022

21st May 2022 Centenary Meeting
15th October 2022 (Installation)
10th December 2022

Lodge Dates for 2023
11th February 2023
25th March 2023
21st October 2023 (Installation)
9th December 2023

Lodge Dates for 2024
10th February 2024
23rd March 2024
19th October 2024 (Installation)
14th December 2024

Provided that any such date does not fall on a Bank Holiday weekend.
In such cases, a dispensation to alter the meeting date will be sought
from the Metropolitan Grand Master

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